Edible Herbs Colon Cleanser

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Edible Herbs Colon Cleanser is a pure natural health product that has gained success in the treatment of different diseases and infections. It’s not only a supplement but also a curative whose results are ridiculously quick, it will get rid of your symptoms in less than 24 hours.


Edible Herbs Colon Cleanser - Herbalist have known for centuries that certain plants especially those that are bitter or aromatic can aid digestion, reduce digestive discomfort and actually improve the daily function of the digestive systems. Bitters also help to feed the micro bacteria that becomes healthy intestinal flora. Bitters is a herbal remedy that helps the body to get well under many conditions cleansing the system and stimulating it’s inmate healing.
When Should I take Bitter
Take bitters before eating to prevent cramping, bloating, or irregular bowel habits.
Take bitters after meals to address indigestion,heartburn,nausea or stomach upset in the moment. You can also mix some bitters with a little sparkling tizer course for your family or friends.
Taking Edible Herbs Colon Cleanser regularly has been shown to
1)Curb sugar cravings
2)Soothe gas bloating
3)Relieve occasional heartburn
4)Increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K
5)Support liver function and healthy skin.
6)Regulate bowel movement and ease constipation
7)Balance Appetite
8)Stabilize blood sugar level
9)Promote digestive enzyme production as well as bile and HCL
10)Calm nausea and tummy upset.

This product is manufactured and produced by Edible Herbs Ltd, under the best requirements and conditions. Edible Herbs Ltdis a new company that has very effective herbal products that work.Edible Herbs products have no side effect, it is natural.
Health Benefits of Dukun Care Herbal Mixture Cleanser:Overweight/ObesityIt reduces excess fat, cholesterol, potbelly, and excess weight
Nervous System It helps the general well-being of the  body.
For infections (STD, PID)For blood purification It enhances libido, controls premature ejaculationHelps in diabetes treatmentStops menstrual pain, odour, and dysfunction Regulates menopause and helps in the treatment of infertility
Digestive System Helps in the treatment of indigestion and constipation, Helps in the treatment of dysentery  and normalizes the production of gastric juice
Dosage and Usage:2-4 table spoon 2 times daily

Please note that Dukun Care Herbal Mixture Cleanser shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women or people suffering from diarrhea.
Edible Herbs Colon Cleanser Aloe Vera Ginger       Garlic, Rhizophora, Racemosa, Water
Storage:Store in a cool dry place.Keep away from children Shake before use

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