Discover this Natural Secret To Completely Eliminate Staph, Gonorrhea

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Cure all this infections below Its Eliminates Stubborn Bacteria and some Viral Diseases It Helps the general well-being of the body Overweight / Obesity reduction Cures sexually transmitted diseases (STD) Cures Infertility Issues Helps in the Treatment of dysentery cure candidiasis (white discharge) syphilis Gonorrhea painful urination skin infections (Genital warts) staphylococcus infections Ear infection Boost immune and prevent from HIV and other Viral Diseases Fight Stress and Fatique Soothes Redness Allergies Asthma Help in Diabetes Help in Pains inhibits the signs of skin damage and aging


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Treating STD is Becoming so Difficult with Synthetic Drugs that will left hug amount of Side effects due to chemical compositions that was used in making this drugs are so dangerous in our body when used excess, more over those antibiotics  drugs are just too harm to the kidney, liver and other vital organs in the body, as a health worker i have come to realized the main cos of Kidney failure today after unclean water by which many consumed due to some poor environment and two main factors to be considered to kidney failure are
1: Untreated infection including (std, uti)
2: an overload of toxins from heavy metals, drugs and alcohol.

STD TOTAL CURE PACKAGE: Its 100% Organic herbs with free of toxics and not food supplement but curative natural medicine blended and modified with latest technology, this means is not a local herbs so every harmful substance are already  extracted out so no fear on the efficacy of this medicine, because of the efficacy people ask this questions;
Hope no harm taking them?
My responds to those questions are,
1: They are manufactured with 100% organic materials.
2: They are properly examined.
3: with FDA & NAFDAC approved
So no fear on them.

STD CURE PACKAGE with it combined herbs, it will Get Rid of any STD &
stubborn bacteria & long untreated infection, 
with our 100% Edible Curative Herbs Totally take care of this mess called STD.
No matter how stubborn the infection may be, just continue using our herbal 
remedy it will completely get rid of it with no time.
We have combined 3 effective 100% Natural medicine for this case below
1: STD care - is an antibacterial/antiviral herbal product, formulated to cure
Frequent urination, skin infections like Genital Warts etc 
staphylococcus, infections, Gonorrhea, Syphilis etc
DOSAGE:  3 caps morning - 3 evening after meal

2: NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC - is a natural antibiotics
A: it controls premature ejaculation and helps in the treatment of diabetes
B: Stops mental pain, odor and dysfunction
C: Regulates menopause and fight against infertility
D: It helps fight against indigestion and constipation 
E: It fights against dysentery and normalizes the production of gastric juice
E: Fights infections like STD, PID. good for blood purification.
DOSAGE: Take two capsules daily for mild cases and two capsules morning and night for severe cases.

EDIBLE HERBS COLON CLEANSER Herbalist have known for centuries that certain plants especially those that are bitter or aromatic can aid digestion, reduce digestive discomfort and actually improve the daily function of the digestive systems. Bitters also help to feed the micro bacteria that becomes healthy intestinal flora. Bitters is a herbal remedy that helps the body to get well under many conditions cleansing the system and stimulating it’s inmate healing.

It’s not a supplement but a curative medicine, whose results are ridiculously quick, it will get rid of your symptoms in less than 24 hours.This product is manufactured and produced by Edible Herbs Ltd, under the best requirements and conditions. Edible Herbs Ltd - is a new company that has very effective herbal products that works.
Edible Herbs products have no side effect, they are natural.
Health Benefits of Colon cleanser: Overweight/Obesity It reduces excess fat, cholesterol, potbelly, and excess weight Nervous System.
It helps the general well-being of the  body For infections (STD, PID)For blood purification
It enhances libido, controls premature ejaculation.
Helps in diabetes treatment, Stops menstrual pain, odour and dysfunction, Regulates menopause and helps in the treatment of infertility. Digestive System: Helps in the treatment of indigestion and constipation.
Helps in the treatment of dysentery  and normalizes the production of gastric juice.
Dosage and Usage: Take 4 table spoon 2 times daily Please note that Colon Cleanser shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women or people suffering from diarrhea.
Edible Herbs Colon Cleanser ingredients: Aloe Vera, Ginger, Garlic, Rhizophora, Racemosa, Water
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
Keep away from children.
NB: Shake before use.
            Major Function of STD TOTAL CURE PACKAGE
  •  Its Eliminates Stubborn Bacteria and some Viral Diseases
  •  Candidiasis (virginal discharge)
  •  Staphylococcus infection
  •  Gonorrhea
  •  Syphilis
  •  Skin infection
  •  Ear infection
  •  Boost immune against Covid-19 and other Viral Diseases.
  •  Cleans your colon against colon cancer, stomach irritation, stomach pains etc.
  • Overweight / Obesity reduction
  • Cures sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Cures Infertility Issues
  • Helps in the Treatment of dysentery
  • cure candida. (white discharge)
  • painful urination
  1.       Usage: Colon Cleanser - Take colon cleanser 3 cover of the bottle morning, 3 of the bottle cover night
    Pls shake well before taken each time 30mins before meal
  2. STD CARE: Take 3 caps morning, 3 caps night with warm water 30mins after meal
  3. Natural Antibiotic: 2 morning, 2 night with warm water 30mins after meal

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